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elegante, perfecto, cumple la expectativa
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UN 10 SOBRE 10
"UN 10 SOBRE 10"
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"Compra sencilla y envío rápido. Todo a la perfección. Compra recomendable."
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"Zapato de gran calidad y durabilidad. Siempre compro de la misma marca"
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"Web muy bien resuelta, facil de usar, entrega y presentacion correcta."
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Chopo 1991
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Jesus C.

Trendy shoes for men made in Spain

Some time ago, when we decided to start manufacturing our own shoes for men, we set out to respect our essence as craftsmen. Thus, season after season, we strive to revalue handmade shoes in Elche (Spain). Now, almost thirty years later, we can affirm, that we have achieved it. Our essence is already internationally recognized and we interact with customers who desire to get a shoe made with premium quality. One company, two brands: Sergio Serrano and Chopo 1991 make up the firms that consolidate a business society that has managed to adapt to the continuous demands of the male fashion market. Sesey is already a leader in the manufacture of exclusive footwear. After our experience through the Spanish streets and the best international shoe stores for men, we decided to embark on the adventure of online sales. The cosmopolitan and avant-garde nature of our designs demands a direct approach towards an audience that looks forthe best brands in online platform. Well, here we are, ready to continue living the great adventure of wearing men around the world.

Leather handcrafted footwear demanded by coolhunters

When we launched our first leather models we knew that we wanted to focus in men concerned about the quality of their purchases. We suppose that, if a man spends a great effort to go well dressed, the same thing will happen when he thinks about wearing shoes. Our brands, Sergio Serrano and Chopo 1991, have worn actors, starred in video clips and television spots. Celebrities, influencers and cool hunters choose us for their most stylish outfits. What better than being recognized and recommended by fashion icons?

Handcrafted shoes that respect the anatomy of the foot

Much of our success is due to the fact that we respect the morphology of the male foot and we work with premium quality materials. We take into consideration the seams and finishes of each of our models to ensure an unforgettable user experience. We are aware that, paying attention to these details makes shoes fit like a glove, without blisters or discomforts.With the aesthetic quality of luxury footwear. Our shoes are available in the best European stores and in our online store sergioserrano.com. These channels distribute a great variety of men's shoes made in Spain. In addition, much of our production is handcrafted and made with high quality materials. We are proud of what we do and we want the world to see it. Welcome to our online store.