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Jordi G.
elegante, perfecto, cumple la expectativa
"se ha recibido rápido, sin problemas , la talla perfecta, soy conductor habitual de moto gran cilindrada, no puedo llevar mocasines o zapatos que resbalen en el asfalto, su suela light, después..."
Albert S.
Fácil y rápido
"Producto de gran calidad , es la primera vez que los compro a través de su web. Sencillamente perfecto."
Pilar G.
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UN 10 SOBRE 10
"UN 10 SOBRE 10"
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"Compra sencilla y envío rápido. Todo a la perfección. Compra recomendable."
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Jaime C.
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"Web muy bien resuelta, facil de usar, entrega y presentacion correcta."
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"Es una pagina de facil uso y sencilla."
Enrique M.
Chopo 1991
"Gran producto mejor servicio."
Jesus C.

Men's shoes made in Spain.

Some time ago, when we decided to start producing our own men's shoes, we set out to respect our artisan essence; to give value to handmade footwear in Elche (Alicante) and to present to the world a shoe of extreme quality. Now, with the passing of time, we can affirm that we have achieved it. Our shoes walk around the main cities of the world showing a stamp of identity of our own.

Handcrafted leather footwear.

The avant-garde, elegant and cosmopolitan character of our designs demands that the quality is up to the circumstances. The man who chooses a Sergio Serrano shoe is looking for more than just shoes. He is looking to differentiate himself from the rest.

Our products are not like the rest, they have an exclusive personality. We work with high quality materials and leathers that bring talent to each of our products. Class is not incompatible with comfort, that's why we also strive to ensure that comfort is present in each of your movements. Ultra-lightweight is our superpower and our soles are made so that you never walk in discomfort. We never want you to leave us at the back of your wardrobe, because what's worse than shoes that get in the way.

Handmade shoes that respect the morphology of the foot.

A large part of our success is due to the fact that we respect the morphology of the male foot. We take great care with the stitching and finishes of each of our models. We are aware that paying attention to this type of detail means that the shoes end up becoming an extension of your feet. No chafing, no discomfort. Making men's shoes is easy, but with the right quality requires a talented team. We're lucky to have it.

Create your own style rules.

In our online shop you can find shoes for all types of men. We don't only focus on dress shoes, but we also design shoes with a more urban character. That's why we created Chopo1991 by Sergio Serrano and Aeroplane by Sergio Serrano; two lines that adapt to the demands of a man with a casual style.

Discover our men's loafers, those shoes that cross generations and are still a classic; our oxford shoes, those that exude elegance wherever they go; our leather boots and ankle boots for men, essential in any wardrobe with temperament; and our sneakers, with which you will succeed if you want to be a smart but casual guy. We don't follow set rules. We don't just focus on fashions; our boots and sneakers can also be paired with a suit. We like to have a personal and non-transferable essence.

Buying in our online shop will be very easy for you. We give you all the facilities to make your purchase as fast and safe as possible. Our shipments arrive all over Europe and are free of charge in Spain and Portugal. We accept returns and exchanges, so you can try on our shoes at home. There is nothing better than combining them with a good look to know if you have chosen the right model.

We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter; you will be able to keep up to date with our news and promotions. What's better than finding out first hand what's coming up. We are proud of what we do and we want the world to see it. Welcome. It's time for you to show off your new shoes.