Blucher shoes that every man needs

When you are preparing your look there is a complement you must not forget, the shoes. Remember that although you are wearing a great outfit, if your shoes don’t match with it, your look wouldn’t be complete.

Some shoes can crown your style or condemn it, and our blucher shoes allow you to elevate your elegance. You will get James Bond style.


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How to wear blucher shoes

  • Blucher shoes wearing a dinner jacket

Next Thursday you are invited to the event at the Círculo of Bellas Artes of Madrid. You have though that with a dinner jacket you will surprise everybody. You are a Spanish shoe-addict and you are not sure which one to choose. But, after a few minutes, you know clearly. You are going to wear your blucher shoes.

You walk along Gran Vía under the light of the street lamps, your patent leather shoes you have chosen stands out on the pavement. Men, it can happen.

  • Dinner for two:

You want to surprise that special person. You have booked in the small Japanese restaurant that you usually go to when you want to celebrate something. On weekends you usually get your most relaxed side, but this time you want a sophisticated look. You just need one detail to get it, your shoes. You got it!

If you are a gentleman of the 21st century, this is your men shoes section. In Sergio Serrano, we select the best leather to achieve an excellent quality in each of the models from our catalogue. We are proud of our dandy identity and it is not difficult for us to recognize it. We are sophisticated by nature.

For those gentlemen who move away from the bustle of the shops and prefer (more) a Martini and a good book on the Tablet, we have our store for men's shoes, made in Spain, online. You are an elegant guy. Formal or informal, but elegant.