Castellanos shoes for men

If there is a classical shoe, that it’s the castellano. Traditional Spanish shoe. In our castellano shoe section, you will find what you are looking for.


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How to wear castellanos shoes

They are versatile. You can wear them with jeans but also with trousers. They fit with t-shirt and shirt. Shoes that you can wear in summer and winter as well. They are so stylish that claim all the attention.

In our online shop you will find different kind of castellano. On the one hand, there are castellanos shoes to be wear with suit. Those are made with rubber sole, they are genteel, but that doesn’t mean boring. On the other hand, you will see other model with extremely light sole that has a rebel nature. So, there is no excuse you have a pair or two in your wardrobe.

Our castellanos are not like most. They are made in Spain, with high quality leather, without laces and round toe-end. They are perfect for business days, and for full moon nights.

Perfect footwear for men with classic soul

Man that wears our castellanos shoes is not the typical classic man. He doesn’t match his belt with his shoes. And, definitely, he will wear print socks.

He usually wakes up early and got to bed late. He likes coffee but hates olives, unless they are in a good cocktail. He is one of those who do not hide his classic films and would probably choose a vinyl before Spotify. Of course, they also have a premium account from the first day.

Our collection is made for men like you. But if you don’t feel identify with it, don’t worry. You are the exception that proves the rule. And we like it.