Casual shoes for men

It is said that now what it’s fashionable is the casual style. That means making combinations with a single objective: to be comfortable with what you are wearing.

We move away from the strictest dress code and become familiar with the relaxed. Our casual men's shoes go out of formality without losing their character.


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Casual shoes that will make you shine

But, before to continue it’s important to clarify that to wear casual doesn’t mean to wear sneakers (or yes). You take the decision. Here we show you some casual shoes you can choose depending on the moment.

  • Ankle boots: Our ankle boots are designed for cooler men. They will be your perfect partner for the weekend.
  • Boots: For men who take risks. A high level version of our ankle boots.
  • Moccasins: They are chosen by those men that don’t want to give up their own stylish nature. Casual shoes that don’t lose their distinction.

 Oxford shoes

Remove the typical casual shoe from your head. We mix colours, textures, stitches…We make a masterpiece of your shoe.

So, our casual shoes made in Spain are not for any man. They look for men with a great personality. Those who change their suit for a pair of jeans, dress shoes for casual ones and a whisky glass for a beer.

Those who prefer a multicolour blucher than a sneaker. And those who think that trends are overrated.

If you have arrived until here it’s because you were looking for them. Now, don’t go away. Become in a man with casual shoes.