The aim of Sesey S.L created by Antonio Serrano and Manuel Serrano brothers in 1990, is to answer the needs of their customers and that they can trust in their firm. For this, the company creates its models without being carried away by the currents of mass fashion, and faithful to its image as manufacturers of quality shoes for men. Within this line, its two annual collections are made following current trends, as well as the needs of its very loyal customers to their two brands SERGIO SERRANO AND CHOPO 1991. Each collection is presented with a variety of different models.

During all the year, the company counts in its factory in Elche (Alicante) with a production of high quality footwear made in Spain. The enterprise has the most advanced machinery to develop all their production, although 60% of it is handcrafted due to the nature of the footwear.

The purpose of Sesey S.L in the coming years is to maintain its offer of quality, service and efficiency in the footwear market for men. As well as improve its image and the proper functioning of the company.


Sesey S.L has highly specialized staff in the manufacture of footwear. They work daily in new designs in a handcrafted way.

Antonio is the person in charge of carrying out the demanding daily quality control during manufacturing, monitoring the materials quality and the shoemaker craftsmen work.

Antonio - Sergio Serrano Calidad

Luis and Pedro are in charge of the control and monitoring production.

Luis y Pedro Sergio Serrano Made in Spain


Sergio Serrano y Chopo 1991, are brands present throughout Spain thanks to a commercial agents network that Sesey S.L has in our country. The company exports and has its leading brands in the national market, entering with great force in other international markets, where it has very loyal customers to this Spanish brand.