Dress shoes for men

You are in the dress shoe section, so it’s required to dress stylish.

Taking care of every detail of your outfit is essential when you are invited to an event. Prepare your best outfit, dust off your suit, choose a bow tie or a tie and wear shoes made in Spain.


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How to wear dress shoes

We get the inspiration from the twenties. In the times of the Great Gatsby, the jazz of Louis Amstrong and the Charleston at the Claridge Hotel in London. Where hats and pocket watch were an indispensable complement. When a ‘Manhattan’ was the most demanded cocktail. And when the nights were eternal.

We want to show you our dress shoe section with dress code. In Sergio Serrano's collection you can choose between leather and patent leather, round or square toe-end. We have a shoe for every occasion.

With tie:

While you do your tie you cannot stop looking at your shoes. You have chosen a leather Oxford shoes, smooth, without laces. You are going to wear them with your favourite suit for the first time.

With bow tie:

You leave the suspenders on the chair, while you comb your slicked hair. You are invited to the event with more gentlemen per square meter. You're the only one wearing patent leather dress shoes. Is it a coincidence? Rather it translates into good taste.

In Sergio Serrano we achieve the perfect balance between the sophistication of the 20th century and the elegance of the 21st century. Some shoes for suit, made in Spain, perfect for your next event.