Classic shoes for men

In Sergio Serrano and Chopo we design essentials shoes for man: shoes made in Spain that you could wear always. My friend, the basics exist!

Our essentials section has the more versatile shoes of the brand. That’s what we called a basic wardrobe. That which you can use in any moment and it’s a great investment.


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Basic footwear is always fashionable

Our models have the ability to adapt to any moment and place. They are men shoes that are above all trends. They are timeless. They will be always fashionable.

Moccasins, Oxford, Blucher shoes… All of them are our indispensable. Because you will not recognize a gentlemen just by the knot of his tie or by the handkerchief folded in the lapel, but also by his shoes.

How to wear the ‘Essentials’ classic shoe

  • Casual

You are a classic man. You sit at your usual table, looking at the park. You order a vermouth and you open the newspaper. It's time to cross your legs and enjoy the day with your loafers. Combine them with a rolled-up shirt and a pair of jeans.

  • Full colour

Today, you wear new clothes. This time you have risked and you have gone further; you need a relaxed complement. So, you go to the wardrobe and there they are, the `Essentials' made in leather. You are saved! You have the shoes!

We are sure that there are footwear for all kind of man. With colour or without. Made in leather or in patent leather. With square or round toe-end. But, all of them have something in common: they are basics. In our online shop, you will find some of them. Stylish, simple, classics.

We also like simplicity and we do not hide it. We invite you to see our shoe collection made in Spain.