Extra wide fitting shoes for men

We are conscious that there are men with wider feet than the average and they need to find shoes made in Spain. This section is for those who are looking for extra wide fitting shoes but without giving up trendy models. These are our extra wide fitting shoes (A-10) by Sergio Serrano.


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Extra wide fitting footwear for demanding men

From the beginning, we have taken great care to satisfy the needs of demanding men with shoes. Our goal is to offer another point of view, designing classic shoes but with an avant-garde style.

We understand that everyone is unique, and so are their feet. We knew that there were men with the need of wide and robust shoes, and they couldn’t enjoy 100% our designs. That’s why we developed our extra wide fitting shoes line. Your necessity became a goal for us.

We supervise meticulously all the manufacturing process. We have an exigent daily quality control and great handcrafted shoemakers.

“A great pair of shoes, besides to be beautiful must be comfortable”

Now, you have the opportunity of having trendy shoes. You could dance in a party, arrive at home the last one or enjoy a business trip without thinking in arrive to the hotel to take off your shoes.We offer you a combination of classic style with design in extra wide fitting footwear.

We verify each of our designs taking care of every last detail of the shoe. In Sergio Serrano, we design footwear thinking on you. Check our extra wide fitting footwear section and choose yours.

Our footwear will become your favourite.You will be stylish during the day and the night with your shoes made in Spain.