Oxford shoes for men

Renovated classics and stylish. That's how all our Oxford shoes are. Did you know that in the 19th century it became a must among the students of the University of Oxford? It does not surprise us.

They are the perfect allies for the suit, the dinner jacket and the smoking dress. But, you can combine them also with informal outfit, with a stylish touch. There are shoes, and then there is the Oxford shoe.



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The footwear that every men need

For a true gentleman, the quality of his footwear it is very important. For this reason, in Sergio Serrano, we work with a production process that incorporates the latest advances in design and materials.

The British air of the Oxford shoe makes it a reference for anyone who wants to show off their elegance and good taste. With your Oxford or blucher shoes you will stand out above the rest.

How to wear Oxford shoes:

Formal style: it is a versatile model for every event. A shoe that fits extremely well for 'institutional' acts. A basic in your shoe wardrobe. Surely it will never take you so long to dress up again.
If you have an important appointment and you want to show off your shoes, this is your moment.

Informal style: you keep thinking about the same thing. Oxford shoes with a pair of jeans? Ask yourself the following question: And why not? Fashion is for being reinvent it.
If you have an informal appointment and you want to show off your shoes, this is your moment.

You will only be a full gentleman if you choose any of the Oxford shoe models that you will find in our catalog. For all those shoe laces lovers, this is their section.

If you want to know if a man is well dressed, look down. His leather shoes made in Spain will betray him. And if you have Sergio Serrano or Chopo, you already have the answer.