Our Oxford shoes have the attribute of claiming all the attention. Considered as an authentic stylish symbol, they boast a sophisticated silhouette, well-groomed lines and a British soul.

In our online store you can find two different Oxford styles depending on the brand. Sergio Serrano Oxford shoes are more stylish and serious. They are chosen for moments considered as Premium. Our Chopo Oxford shoes have a rebel nature. They are classics that don’t follow the rules, with mixed colours and highlighted details. They are on the top of urban style.

We can affirm that our shoes are designed to succeed. Manufactured in Spain with high quality leather. A perfect option for wearing with suit or to match with jeans. Its innovation and comfort are the ultimate expression of contemporary luxury.

If you have arrived here it’s because you like us. Don’t go and take a look at our exclusive collection. It’s time to spend without remorse.

The versatility of some shoes is much more ambitious than those of other accessories. In a world where everything is different now, we reclaim the power of the Oxford shoes.


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