Sneaker shoes for men

Nobody can deny it, they have conquered the asphalt and the urban territory. The reason? This kind of footwear guarantees the comfort of any style. The 'sneakers' shoes for men have become the summum of the casual. It is that piece that does not disappoint.

As you already know, our proposals are aimed to men with the soul of a gentleman; that's why we mix the best of the sport style with the best of the classic one. You just have to take a walk through our eShop and see it by yourself. We are not conventional. It's been a long time since we understood that the concept of comfort did not have to be disconnected from sophistication.


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How to wear sneakers

Our models adapt to all styles. One day we walk with the most classic guy in the city and, another one, with the most rebellious man in the office.

We design shoes with personality, of those that have something to say. We are not satisfied with the usual, we go further. Each season, we propose to give a new focus to the classic footwear proposals for men.

Do you have an important appointment? Start dressing by the feet. Now, the trends are less rigid and combining pieces of clothing of different styles is allowed. Our advice? To choose a casual look with dress shoes for nighttime appointments.

You have an event after work, there is no protocol and you want to be comfortable. Our recommendation? A white shirt, without prints, can be a good option. Choose the colour you want, but under no circumstances should be short sleeves. The trousers, a pair of jeans, never disappoint. If you're going to wear a blazer, make sure you complete your look with a colourful hanky in pocket of your blazer! And don’t forget your dress sneakers with colour details.

Perfect footwear to explore new territories

We are proud of producing all our shoes in our factory in Spain. Our design team chooses the best leathers to make a quality shoe that guarantees maximum durability. In addition, 60% of our footwear is handmade.

Do not move. Buy your 'sneakers' shoes in our online store and give a lesson of style to your wardrobe.