Shoes for wearing with suit

Hello Don Draper. Welcome to the universe of the elegance. Our section of shoes for suits, it has become in our new VIP zone. We invite you to visit it.

We have it clear. There are few things that feel as good to a man as a suit. But, everyone has their own shoe. That is why we want you to impose your authentic gentleman nature.


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Shoes for wearing with suit and their importance

For a man, dressing impeccably is easy, you just have to discover the small details that make the difference.

We propose you how to match Sergio Serrano shoes for suits:

Business man:

Important meeting at the office and you are wearing a casual look. But, you are a cautious man and you have a back-up plan in your office. You take out your suit and your Sergio Serrano shoes, and you are ready for everything.


You are taking a walk by a rooftop drinking a Vesper (mixed, but not shaken). It's night and you've chosen your black suit shoes. The classic among classics. That color that never fails. Today, you are the center of all eyes, or rather, your Sergio Serrano shoes are.

Shoes are the key accessory when you are wearing a suit. Your Sergio Serrano shoes will claim all the attention. You just have to let yourself be advised by us.

In Sergio Serrano, shoes for suits are inspired by gentlemen of the twentieth century, by the British style of James Bond, the charisma of Clark Gable, and the mischief of Frank Sinatra. Men with personality who never gave up their style. For them the sport style is over.

A shoe to wear with a suit, made in Spain, for men with good taste.