Urban shoes for men

Leather jackets, worn trousers, pointed beards, Danny Zuko style... The rebel urban style take the street. In this section, from Chopo 1991, you will find shoes with personal touch.

Forget the basics for a moment. In your wardrobe there is also a reserved place for original shoes. From the moment you put them on, they will claim all the attention.


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The urban rebel footwear that every risky man needs

We know. You're probably thinking we're crazy if we think you're going to wear, for example, two-tone shoes. But, really, what you do not know is that in the end you will end up with them. No one can resist a good dose of uniqueness.

In Chopo 1991, we like to make a difference. And, from today, you will like it too. Pay attention. As the great Ingrid Bergman said, `Be yourself, the world worships the original’.

Our original shoes are not like the other ones. They have an own soul. One day they can go along the most hipster man and, next day, they can do the same with the great Spanish dandy. They adapt to all kind of personalities. You only need one thing, trust them.

My friend, shoes are no longer boring. Forget the neutral style, the classics and the monochromatic. The transgressor seems to impose itself.

The first thing that the man who wears our rebel urban shoes needs is great personality to wear them with pride and without fear. With them you will be the king of the party.